Contempt for one another
In the way we run our lives
What we eat and what’s out there
And really who survives
Coal fired electrity
Smelting incineration of waste
The pollution industry

The oceans are awash with filth
The rivers and the seas
All sorts dumped all over
Spreading the disease
Mercury so toxic
It really is a pain
Fish are thus absorbing
Each one like a drain
The bigger fish must be
Worse still for so many
Loaded now they be

The big fish that eat
Smaller fish accumulate and so.
tuna dolphins shark and marlin
And a lot lot more you know
Can really cause you problems
There are a lot lot more
It’s safer to be vegan
Of that fact I am sure

Amyotropic lateral
Sclerosis is a thing
It’s the end game of pollution
It’s something that can bring
Serious implications
Breathing problems we
Lose our muscle power
And our diaphragm can be
Wasted euro degenerative
No cure alas so you
Should cut down on the ocean fish
That has to be the view

JAPAN is good at killing dolphins
Messengers of god
They truly are the sensitives
But some don’t give a sod
The Japanese in TAIJI and else where
Murder fast
The FARoes Islands are another
Bunch whose die is cast
Eating whales and dolphins
Is not a good idea
Whatever you think your ancestors did
Now you are heaping fear
Into yourselves for certain
Methyl mercury
Causes awful problems
So reduce intake

And be


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