Captain Kirk and his friends

Tedium and discontent
The monotony each day
It’s soulless and repetitive
And it’s far too much to pay
Us wild ones need the stimulation
We get from forest life
And stuck inside a laboratory
All we get is strife
Layers of it
Stress and pain
The medical stuff they use
Wandering about in masks and green coats
Really they abuse

Being weary to distraction
Always stuck inside
Nothing to get our juices up
Everything denied
The food is really terrible
The screeching all the day
The experimentation is awful
But of course this is the way

Testing always testing
Chemicals that do
Cause burns sometimes upon our skin
And aches inside it’s true
It’s really uninspiring
Human crap all day
Injected with real horrors
That make us rock and

For me I use to weep a lot
Really floods of tears
Certainly in the earlier times
When nights were full of fears
A sinking heart and such despair
At how my life became
Low spirited and crestfallen
With only myself to blame

As great apes you consider
That we don’t think at all
But we are very sensitive
All of us as a rule
Suffer and feel so lonely
Stuck inside all day
Never feeling the sun shine
On our backs it is no way

To treat a wild man warrior
We love to walk about climb up trees
Just as we please
Bipedally we flout
Walking about in the cage
There is no where to go
Nobody to talk with
For hours on end you know

Joy goes out the window
You have to make the best
Of a bad situation
It’s a sort of test
Can you maintain
Your order
Or will you madden some
All of the injections
Where everything feels numb

And so to project chimps
A place that we now are
In its a facility
Where we are like the star
Performers from another age
From wildness to laboratory
And now to sanctuary
Off the page

A sort of new won freedom
To do what we want to do
Go out stay in climb the trees
Really we are true
To ourselves now can do our own thing
Or remain alone
All of us here now
The experiments we have known

Have finished now apparently
A holiday where we
Can relax a bit a lot of acres
Of land that we can see
But being regimented
And tested every day
Parts of our bodies as
Shaved and hurt
We have to find a way

Of pandering to our inner thoughts
With the food and toys we find
Get back on an even keel
They were playing with our mind
We’ve been suffering for thirty years
The vagaries of man
All those rotten chemicals
Ever since they all began

And now it is all over
Sanctuary will be
The place that we can now enjoy
Into infinity

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