Behind our backs

Behind our backs
In full sight
What we are going to see
Is a complete transformation
Smart cities
There will be
Control oh yes big brother
And sister and the gang
Monitor and spy on us
Let civilisation hang
It’s the smart management
Air sensors everywhere
And facial recognition
The smart grid all can share

Biometric technology
Robots to the fore
Form humans into robots
And pack them off to war
AI is artificial intelligence they say
But actually it’s arrogance and ignorance
At play
Huawei Cisco Nokia
A triple corporation
It’s about agenda 2030
A bright celebration
Of cleaner water for food to grow
GMO and coloured snow

Perth will get smart city status
face recognition everywhere
Digital and human systems
Technology beyond compare
Challenges and fulmanation
The gathering clouds are promised by
Smatterings of unreal knowledge
The uninformed may just ask why

Smart is glimmering vagueness really
The unenlightened will get on
Empty headed half baked morons
Digitals living upon
Hypothetical cryptic models
Credulity just everywhere
Think the moon is made of green cheese
More and more and more despair

Thankfully I am of the age
Where mindfulness is good to raise
Where true escape into the forest
To forage free of WiFi rays
Where magick and farsighted prospects
culminate in what we do
Escape the vast controlling interests
Enjoying freedom good and true.

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