Standing by the roadside
A victim,
Passers by
Hardly realising
That this donkey he did cry
Suffering the agony
Of his legs wired
Up and he
Left to face the music
As some were soon to see

Taken back to hospital
In a sorry state
Oppressed and persecuted
Clearly second rate
His owner should we deign to call
Him that, an accursed fool
whose hateful wiring tactic
Really did appal

The maggots had got into
The deep wounds via the flies
So much dead flesh to be repaired
Spiteful frantic guys
Who do this sort of thing
To innocent animals should be
Found and put in prison
For life if you ask me

Sedated and each day the wounds
Washed and bandaged anew
For four weeks every single day
This they had to do
All the while offering love and gentle
Honest care
And “Edward” he was calm and relaxed
And clearly so aware

The evil of his owner
Allowing this mutilation
And what was a disablement
From his own creation
To do this to a living soul
A working vibrant friend
Is tantamount to monstrous
Which no one could defend

Two months into three months
New bandages every day
Lots of loving and caring
All along the way
Feeding with green pastures
Loving caring souls
And after six long months of this
“Edward” goes for strolls

“Edward” is a regents name
And kingly yes he be
He really has got better
His miracle we see
He likes to trot around the yard
In his princely way
Encouraging the others
With his mindful display


Near the TB hospital

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