clad in an ermine lustre
The Kings Men there from long ago
They Formed a circle on a hill
For a short spell as some may know
Yuletide blessings the shortest day
The longest night a sweet refrain
The Druids robed up an array
Of splendour it’s a heavenly chain

inventiveness and empathy
resourceful creativity
All Witnessing the constancy
Dave the fireman logs and tinder
A glorious glow evoking much
expectation of warmth and wisdom
With A slate grey sky we can almost touch

For The everlasting wheel is turning
the fire is burning
Our cockles feel
A damned sight better for love and caring
And for Cotswolds sharing
Which is real
The unfolding beauty
The proclamation Imbolc babies
That might soon be
Exhibiting the flight and fancy
Feisty infants excitedly
Unless their paths are swallowed up
In darkly sojourns seemingly
The executioner recognising
The tender flesh his sophistry

A glowing portal to the goddess
Melts the frost around this space
We stand together
Sisters brothers
Fidelity we do embrace
Within the earth it’s bowels ascending
The roots the shoots the bulbs all hide
In great Mole tunnels to all my friends
Who share the air
And thus confide

In the spirit and the love of Nature
The animals and the wondrous trees
All of us, robed up and ready
To everyone all attendees
I do present a Yule tide homage
I love you all I have to say
Its A loving Yule today

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  1. Simon Cotterill on said:

    Brilliant thanks Rex xx

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