The wilderness in Winter
To realise it’s way
Enduring and perpetual
every single day
Subsisting as so many do
Within the confines there
Where winter casts its shadows
And causes some despair
A canvas blank and snowy white
With silhouettes for trees
The earth below the frosty climes
Our family all agrees
Is happiness personified
The cubs and us two who
Have beaten off the hunter men
And all know what to do

It’s like a world of difference
Down here in the dark
away from galloping horses
And riders in the park
Whipping dipping tripping
Chasing us for fun
The hounds are all around us
When the day is done
There is no similarity
With soldiers anywhere
These brutes are never warriors
None of these blighters care
They chase us to the point
Of no return and if they get
A chance the hounds will gorge
Themselves and we are then the debt

We have great hearts a pumping
Legs to run away
Eyes to see and ears to hear
Our union does pay
We have our splendid family
A love that never dies
Separation grieves
Underneath the skies
As foxes we are as unique
As any charged with life
Our bond is with each other
We share the constant strife
Each rock each root each hollow
Tree roots copses and caves
We know how to keep aHead
Of the hunting knaves
We enjoy a state of order
Our fitness is our own
Yes of course we are vulnerable
So much of that is known
But we are a wild family
Souls who truly care
With powers of thought
And intellect
Which all of us all share
One step ahead of hunters
Whose senselessness on show
Always quick to anger
Frighteningly so
Ignorant and arrogant
and often drunk as well
To all of you fighting for us
We so love you and shall

Love you all forever

The foxes.

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