Wheels within wheels

Solstices and equinoxes
Mid points and between
Rituals at the Neolithic Stones
It’s where we have been
Almost for forever
Samhain Yule and Imbolc
Oestra, Beltane Lugh
Lammas Mabon
And we all go
Around and around we do
We stay in touch like family
Sharing will and smile
Rollrights Clearwell Stone Henge
Noted on our dial
Rituals are a dawning
They draw us to each place
Where we can be together
And just be face to face
Away from all the WiFi
Outside and to beyond
The sky of course our ceiling
The sod it be our bond
Where we may lie forever
Within the earth till dust
Overcomes our being
And leaves us as it must
Ancestrally we honour
The freedom just to be
Holding fast to the one we love
For an eternity
Or forgotten from that very day
By the ones we loved and left
Tearful in the deepest sense
And tragically bereft

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