Mothers and new borns deleted by the dairy industry

We have reached into the future
We are “smart”beyond our age
With metering and flat screens
It’s so far off the page
Mothers and their babies
Their offspring are as one
But the dairy is so scary
It’s where families are undone
Babies are just kidnapped
Away they go to die
That is what has happened
For centuries and I
look hard at supermarkets
even the organic store
And ask the lord almighty
What is it all for
Babies in Nebraska
Tiny creatures, they
Born in freezing weather
On any given day
Thrown out in the fields they are
Kidnapped right away
Stolen from their grieving mothers
Lying in the hay

Left out in all weathers
Babies have no hope
The farmers wants the cows milk
The calves for them ,each rope
Drag them off to slaughter
The dairy industry
Wants the milk of infants
To feed it back and be
Earning from the discerning
The custard and the cream
The ice cream and the junket
And the cheddar it’s the stream
Of profit making dairy products
Bolstering it all
As for mothers as for babies
They are not needed at all

Milk from bovine ungulates
Is all it ever was
Processed like the clappers
Really that’s because
Human beings honestly
Are far removed from it
With all the pus and viral spores
It really isn’t fit
For our human nutrition
We are human beings
Being lied to by the dairy
Profiteering seeings
Pleadings in the market place
For more and more and more
And killing off the babies
In What is the silent war

Of attrition no remission
The cruelty abroad
Murdering the babies
Meeting that accord
Calf skin and calf rennet
The foetus even they
Are used before they are even born
In a vile and darkly way
Slaughterhouses everywhere
Murder mayhem may
guilty by our nonchalance
In our malignant way
Our lack of concern
Of buying, into what they do
Accomplishes in point of fact
That We karmically imbue

Condole the souls that perish
We are pitiless and wrong
Unmoved by the cruelty
In fact we join the throng.
of milk chocolate eating zombies
Yoghurts and desserts
We become as ruthless
we share in all their hurts
All the pus boiled out of it
The skimmed and semi’s we
Suffer early Hearts attacks
It’s worth it actually
Combining fat with sugar
And cholesterol as well
Keep on raping female cows
And turn their lives to hell

Kidnap all their babies
Just take them away
If their males just kill them
The others veal calves pay
All the milk thats stolen
Is for humans who
Are becoming cow like
Anyway it’s true
Cruelty and malevolence
Is really everywhere
The dairies are where villains work
The place of real Despair
Black guards rogues and scoundrels
Persecution airs
The endgame for compassion
And sadistic affairs

Lack of appreciation
A total thanklessness
Unmindful of true favours
Ungratefulness we stress
Hardness of heart
Brutality galore
Infanticide is wonderful
Now good milk now is raw
Respect that word is cancelled
Cows are just machines
Neglected taken advantage of
Fed on GM beans
Ungulates and ruminants
Don’t get cud anymore
Lots of genetic soya
And fishmeal by the score

Vast antibiotics
Drugs so many they
Get their doses with the feed
It really helps us pay
Our way into a balance sheet
A profit at the bank
Humiliation mortification
Are subjects that we rank
And science is inventing
More and more and more
Ways of abusing animals
Turning them to gore
To blood to pus to sputum
Hide to leather too
Increasing margins exponentially
Is what we do

And it’s all done behind closed doors
On the great shop floors
Not even in the butcher shops
The CAFO station wars
Contempt for living animals
Spurning them for we
Are turning them into burgers
And profitability
Cruelty personified
Spitefulness galore
Because we lose our humanity
We don’t see what it’s for
We forget that cows are females
And babies they have too
And we murder them and are cruel to them
For that is what we do

Happy cows
And happy calves
Advertising we
Make out farms aRe wonderful
Where happy souls can see
Rainbows over yonder
Lovely farms where they
Can revel in the splendour
We offer them each day
Wondrous grassy clover
Butterflies and flowers
Animals in dream worlds
Even happier hours
Spent beside the sparkling streams
where fishes leap and play
This is what we teach our kids
And draw them in each day

These poor calves in Nebraska
Born into our hell
Blood and guts and evil
How their world does smell
They suffer scream and perish
In the places we provide
Dairy is the most evil place on earth
Just go inside
And see and hear the bedlam
The horror houses there
Confinement and alignment
Where nobody needs care
Neglect and improbity
Falsehoods and corruption
Double dealing double crossing
Unconsciousness interruption

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