The Laboratory&Pharmacology&Toxicology MIENBUTTEL

It’s good to report that a place
That has been
Violent and cruel
And wholly obscene
Is closing down
Animals rights have said so
A prison of horror
It soon it will go

Within the EU
In Germany they
Took in up to 12000
And made them pay
With their sanity daily
Their mental power
All of them tortured hour and hour

Rabbits and cats
And Beagles the choice
The most hardly animals
They had a voice
But nobody heard them
Nobody cared
And only now folks
Will their lives now be spared

Soko Tierschutch did film work there
Exposed them they
Were a disaster happening
Yes every day
The screams could be heard in the ether around
But were just ignored
That what they found

When they were done with
To the Netherlands they
More EU magic to go on their way
The great EU with its standards sublime
That is the heartache
That’s now in my rhyme

Many went mental
Running around and around
Chasing their tales
Clearly all bound
For a mental disturbance
Boredom and pain
Drives even angels
Quietly insane

Shackled ln walls
The monkeys they hung
Given shock treatments
They the unsung
Hero’s dragged out of the wild
To perform
In these torture chambers
Where their new Dawn

Was experienced sadly
The pain and the woe
The ongoing angst
The fear it did grow
They muttered and chuckled
That was the firm
Terrible torture
And really long term

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