Let down merchants

Federal Europe
The liars are many
Having gone out to BRUSSELS
And not really any
Were leavers
Retrievers of soul
Of our sovreignty

We have been signed up to
All these long years
They make all our rules
And so it appears
These true unelected
Bureaucrats they
Bleed us dry every month
We are having to pay

For the appeasors pensions
For the big limousines
For the vast expenses
They are not paid in beans
We are being crushed
By the onslaught and pain
Its like an invasion
AGain and again

TEd Heath Gordon Brown
JOhn Major him too
Signed away freedoms
They were clueless to
Letting them rules us
With all of their laws
Steal all our fish
To our welcome applause

And poor MRS MAY
Traitor oh yes
Always a remoaner
She gave us all stress
She had no understanding
We had won the war
But have since let the GErmans
Makes us all poor

We have to escape
And show them that we
Can compete
And can win
Like before
We can see
Our pensions our wages
Our gdp
Rising ahead
Of them soon certainly

The rest of the world
With them we can trade
We speak English for Christ same
An island that weighed heavy
Now globally
And we can grow
With free ports and
Positive freedom our show
Is worth many trillions
Spent on the UK
Not sent to the EU
That must stop from TODAY.

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