Blick Mead

A world of perfect synergy
When time advents to soul
When wildness stood majestic
And where Each life form took it’s role
Predator and prey create
A balance to pursuit
Trees were they an origin
A megalithic root
All sharing of the Salisbury Plain
Where BLICK MEAD had evolved
A city mores the pity
With a duty that revolved
And A conurbation growing
From its megalithic glare
And looking at this ditty
Whose knowledge some do share
A mile away
As crows fly
A massive henge that stands
Pre occupied with sabatts
Hewn by people hands
Blue stones from the Welsh hills
And sarsons it is said
That rose out of the sodden land
And mercurially have led
Many to be enlightened
At the solstice and beyond
The equinox that clearly rocks
And perhaps a crystal wand
Has drawn a magic picture
And brought into the sphere
The memory of ancestors
Who at Samhain do appear
Bones and tools surrendered
Over aeons to the cause
And now the dreaded tunnel
Seems to sanction that we pause
Around the Blick Mead
Footprint discovered long ago
The city that rose from the plain
And was lost as we now know.

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