Thomas Alexander HUNTER ARKANSAS

The shock and surprise
Now before his eyes
The Deer he had shot
At, It lay
Quietly remembering
Much better times
Til he came to gloat
On that day
He had pumped shots
Into me, I was ailing
A deer with the soul of the brave
Beating inside me a heart
Still on form
And smelling this infidel

His violence his malicious evil
And the thoughtlessness that he had shown
I raised myself up
And I stabbed him
To death
And just let him lie there alone

This so called hunter
One Thomas Alexander
An old man who came
Denying me life
and a will
To be seen
yes The arrogant fool
He died with my antler
Shoved through his heart
And i hope that he felt
What I felt from the start

No voice of conscience
And no remorse
When I raised my head
I used all of my force
Some reparation
Making amends
Some satisfaction
That hopefully sends
A hardened sinner
An unblushing sod
Who lies there in front of me
Without a god
Having felt my horns
And seen my red eyes
Realising his end
Was infact my true prize

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