“Integrity and trust”

Look at their web site
And what does it say
Integrity and trust
That is the way
They teach would be
Clients to understand who
They are in the world, and what they do

Enduring relationships
Their words not mine
Torturing animals
Yes down the line
Intelligent Macacaques
Beagles in cages
Stuck there for ages

Technicians in white
With blue plastic gloves
Torturing monkeys
Watch them each shoves
Another with rods
Its torture for sure
Restraints and such stress
Who dares to ignore

Cages so small
Staring eyes watch as you
Walk watch them run about
Stressing they do
Screaming their heads off
Scorn and disdain
Total irreverence
They just go insane

Outside of Hamburg
In the great EU
Despite regulations
They clearly do
Spend their lives
Torturing animals they
Are sitting in pools of blood
That seems the way

That is their lot
But look at the web page
And all its got
A great laboratory
Thats what they say
Torture and evil
Every day

Clearly dishonesty
And unconscientiousness
Aiding snd abetting
In causing great stress
On Macacques these cute
Monkeys clearly dont deserve
Restraints and torture
And risking their nerve

Integrity and trust
Its dishonesty
Sinfulness clearly
And iniquity
Flagrant and scandalous
Thats who they are
LPT Hamburg
And their repertoire

Is torture and mayhem
Of innocent wild souls
A gift of creation
Stolen from the wild
Shipped across the sea
To be murdered and injured

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