A elephant in distress

Wildness has its advantages
But injuries can be
Life threatening we know this
And inevitably

Some of us see the angels
Men and women who
Devote their lives to caring
And one such case thats true

Happened in Zimbabwe
An elephant in pain
Clearly two legs damaged
And walking under strain

It was a younger elephant
In a herd and so
The need was to tranquilise
The beast
To examine and to know

But the other family members
Clearly they all cared
And so the need to anaethetise
The matriarch who shared

Not only the love and commitment
But the sleeping draught as well
So they could work on healing
For the caring spell

When both of the elephants
Were sleeping they began
To examine the poor injured one
And the wounds were deep, the plan

To clean and remove the maggots
Use antibiotics and scrub
Really clean the deep wound out
And leave a bright blue rub

On the legs to combat
Bacteria and we saw
in just a short time
A wild soul who the team could not ignore

What was the undoubted suffering
And when the soul came around
Got up and just walked off
With a little trumpet sound.

One wonders whether he realised
What had happened there
And how his leg had improved so much
And he wasn’t in despair


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