Somewhere in India
Under the sun
A mother is wailing
For a child who is done
With health at this moment
Apparently he
Has damaged his leg
And it hurts terribly

The mother is nursing
But she is alone
With her little sick puppy
And together they groan
By the roadside the jumble
Of traffic is nigh
But the mother concedes
That her baby might die

A shrillness a helping
Face on the hot ground
Squealing and whining
This kind of sound
Rises over the traffic
And gets to the ears
Of people it searches
The airwaves for tears

Just hearing about this
Tears are in my eyes
I can just feel the agony
It’s no surprise
That a doting mother
Is there with her child
It’s true they are street dogs
And incredibly wild

They have to be, after all
Survival is hard
At the street level
You are on your guard
And street dogs
Their pecking order is quite low
With so many homeless
That would follow

“Animal Rescue”
Are now on the scene
Each of these souls really
Give and have been
Giving and loving and helping all day
Animal rescue is showing the way

A blubbering baby
Does reach into the heart
The wounds are now treated
It will do for a start
Taking the baby to hospital where
His wounds will be healed
As will his despair

This is a story of angels
As well
Who pick up their charges
Those living with hell
On streets packed with woe
Packed with dangers abroad
And who don’t ask for more
Than the victims can afford

Angels giving time
giving aid, giving care
When trouble approaches
The angels are there
Administering treatment
And giving true love
The sort of healing
That comes from above

Telephone 919950531639

NEAR the TB hospital

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