Silverback the Congo King

Silverback the Congo King
A massive strength to all does bring
Really responsive In every way
And Uncomplaining come what may
Loved by all the ladies, he
Serves his purpose adequately
A warrior and lover too
A king who holds the cards for you

A Satisfaction and serenity
His peace of mind is for all to see
Rarely grumbles and often smiles
In gorilla terms he just beguiles
All his troop in Old Congo
And is known everywhere you know

As the King in quiet repose
With a willingness to often pose
With his ladies around about
Who love him and would never doubt
His position not at all
For respect and love is his cherished rule
And respect the forest’s emerald hue
Whatever else in life you do

Written for gorilla day
Inspired by my friend MARIA IANC

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