My name is DEXTER

I have been around a while you know
Inside I am young but have lost the flow
Of youth a bit of chasing balls
I enjoy just being between these walls
It’s the aches and pains
The rigours for me
My guardian Laura really you see
She’s always busy
Walking the hounds
Meeting the stars
Doing the rounds

As for Me I am happy just sitting still
Pondering, that some day I will
Get out more it’s the aches and pains
For she gives me an oil
That releases those chains
That I felt were forming
Stopping me run
It’s the nightly pain
It is just no fun

Of course I like to chase a ball
To jump up sometimes, when people call
It’s as I get older that I be
Happy to just sit, well just quietly
Dreaming of friends along the way
And why I prefer to stay in all day

Laura and Nicole are good to me
I feel like their favourite
That they love me
As I get older it means a lot
Someone who cares
Because a lot are not
As fortunate as me
With love around
Oh yes there’s money
But though they are drowned
In things, in food in stuff to do
Many lack love and affection too

Life is busy on the worlds stage
And an older pet is more of a sage
He recollects the journeys he
Enjoyed and thanks to CBD
That Laura got and supplements
In many ways her real good sense
Has brought me to thinking really that I
Have more years in me before I die

I know she loves me and certainly
As we age it’s how we see
The journey ending
That makes us feel
contemplative and extra real

I have heard her say my Dexter he
Had gone down hill a bit you see
When The old joints ache the old heart feels
It’s good to dream for that reveals
A sort of resurgence inside of me
More mental perhaps
Where I can see

And remember the good times
Long ago
When I ran about and would always go
Running off hoping I
Would meet with others
And under the sky
I did of course I sniffed my way
Around the place
And I learned each day
That a real good home
With people who care
Is so important
And when they are somewhere
Else you know
Deep down inside
That they think of you
Which helps with the pride
I don’t get depressed
For my Laura she
Walks her talk
And that is key.

Written for Laura Vorreyer
From her canine friend Dexter

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