Monthly Archives: September 2019

“Jimmy super fly”

He really took it badly Being knocked down he Found his back legs injured And his back too Tragically Constant pain debilitates It sinks into one’s soul You lose the confidence to walk It has you in its control Clearly … Continue reading

City tip and a strangled cow

We received a call from the City dump High up on the hill Overlooking Rajastan Not the greatest thrill To go up there and realise That a particular cow Was sifting through the Rubbish and did appear somehow To have … Continue reading


A call came in on our helpline A pet dog seemingly Was convulsing And was stiffening up on contact Remarkably We went over to fetch him And sure enough he was Stiffening when we picked him up Which we think … Continue reading


“lola,”had crawled onto a rubbish tip And was lying quietly there Presumably to venture To the rainbow bridge aware This is really what canines do Knowing their passing soon Go and hide away and stare up at the moon Her … Continue reading


Beside the road We found her Abandoned all alone Barely breathing Lacking mothers milk And the odd groan Emaciated body On very feeble legs A beautiful little baby The question though it begs How can human beings Be so nasty … Continue reading

Little bird

She was a little parrot Atricial she from birth She got a viral complication Ariiving on gods earth Birds born in his category Have no feathers at all But anyway she lost them all Before she began school Presumably no … Continue reading

ALban Elfed

The light of the water Splash and tumble Out of grey skies thermal Skin The second harvest’s True abundance The wheel of life Ofcourse did spin Equal days and nights upon us Feast of gathering Earthly fruits Reap and heap … Continue reading

The little white donkey

Imagine falling down a hole And landing in a pile Of sewage in the darkness Of ourse that so vile To contemplate the feeling Underneath the ground To have fallen into a septic tank And Luckily not to have drowned … Continue reading


Excluded from humanity In squalor and in slum Street dogs disadvantages Their whole world clearly numb Unseen by the motorists And driven into they Lay around the city Every single day One such hound was “pintu” A mongrel to regard … Continue reading


To go through that and suffer Torment of the ailing kind Human interference That penetrates one’s mind The harshness and the roughness The tribulations too The throbbing caustic gruelling pain In what some people do Threaded wire around one’s jaws … Continue reading