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A badly wounded tan and white Dog clearly having a fright Ran into a a purpose made Boat of sorts and inside laid Used a net to overcome The dog came out clearly some Get very scared and MIKKI thought … Continue reading


The ex Prime Minister Cameron Likes shooting so I hear Likes to bag a big red deer On Jura and is clear When he gets that pent up feeling He likes to shoot and he Calls the prey a Boris … Continue reading


At the forest edge A disused well Very deep Where A bitch had fell Into the shaft And onto the floor With water and rubbish She cried and more She sobbed all day She sobbed all night Slimier she became … Continue reading

The poor old bull

The bull was sick He wouldn’t eat Heavy and sluggish On the street Clearly in trouble And we were called animal aid unlimited Hauled Out that morning And when we saw The massive bull Sat on the floor Living on … Continue reading


That boy was the worse for wear Demodectic mange everywhere Intense itching Inflammatory Parasitic mites you see He was smothered all his hair Scratched away With no one to care Drinking from the gutter he Found infections generally Encrusted bones … Continue reading

April the donkey

There she was the worse for wear A gaping hole A soulful stare A Jennet suffering all could see And probably feel that agony She was in a dishevelled state Abandoned to her probable fate Death was close One had … Continue reading

Into the garden

Into the garden and there made to lie Mans so called best friend A truly loyal guy Feeling so sickly Looking real bad So pale and withdrawn And immensely sad Crawled into a garden To lay his sweet head and … Continue reading


Hit by train A terrible shock Trauma apparent A horrible knock An injured head An injured lung Crawling into the scrub And just lay among The weeds and stones Around the track Awaiting death There seemed no way back Observing … Continue reading

Puppy in a pool

Poor little blighter All alone There in a puddle Of blood, A moan We hear as he lies A severe head Injury sadly Just looks dead They bring a blanket And lift him, he Stirs and moves Frighteningly Final breaths … Continue reading

BIRJU scalded and left to die

They found him by the roadside Wounded and bleeding he Just looking at his injuries I cried how can they be So very very terrible Who allowed so much neglect Scalded him with boiling water And the street dirt did … Continue reading