Pompei revisted

Archeology calls for application
Unflagging efforts needed every day
Working on the sites the teams
Show patience
Slowly brushing dust and crud Away
Pompei site of the very big eruption
Back in 79AD
When Vesuvius erupted and in minutes
The city was enveloped Tragically

The citizens were too slow and were
Killed it seems
Recently a splendid cache was found
Thought to be originally in a wooden box
Only it’s hinges remaining
On the ground
Smothered in the dust and all the pumice
Tenaciously they brushed away and found
What seemed to be a cache of precious stones
And artefacts
A sorcerers treasure trove there on the ground

Amethysts and amber scarabs lying there
Perhaps La Strega was overcome
We have to be aware
That not so far away
Mount CAlvario
Among those rolling hills
A town was born
Colobraro the land of the Strega
to this very day
Haunted with a terror that puts the wind up people
Gruesome and macabre
The people say

Petrified the town and all its inhabitants
Startled at the mountains dreadful roar
Dread and Awe and trembling palpitation
That vast great throat of fire
For evermore
Transfixed in time and now still
To this very day
Picking over the ruins clearly they
Unearthed what look like carnelian
And lots of hocus pokus
Whilst the river SINNI still goes on it’s way

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