Doll and Swing two wild friends

Doll and Swing
2 Chimpanzee’s
And 6 whole years of pain
Experimentation the evils
Just for human gain
And contractual leverage
In the market place
No reason here
No reason to
enslave them both
And fill their lives with fear

Wrongness so much of it
Each and everyday
There just never was a way
To treat these two so sensitive
Individuals they
Were wilfully neglected
And just so made to pay

Locked up hardly able
To move about at all
Encased in torture equipment
The irreverence did appal
It’s hard to really quantify
The suffering they felt
For them though it was obvious
The bad cards they were dealt

Then one day that was over
A friendly soul they met
A lady known as Linda Koebner
Who helped to share the debt
The horror all those nightmares
She seemed to Comprehend
She just spent many hours with them
And their freedom did defend

The adversity of living
The circumstances she
Took it on herself to share
And to feel their misery
To help them with it
Help them love them every day
Give them back the confidence
That the six years took away

It was never easy
Their association though
Was give and take
Hearts do break
They all do as we know
But she convinced their spirit
A whisperer she was
She was going to be there for them
Really just because

She knew what they had gone through
The freedom stolen fast
The torture and the cruelty
She really was aghast
And wanted to impress upon them
Love was going to be
The outcome if they trusted her

A mutual bond in many ways
A kind of honeymoon
They could be the best of friends
In harmony in tune
With the natural world around them
In what was a sanctuary
Life would just be honest
And they would both be free

In this world nothing’s easy
But gradually they were
Closer in their thinking
Which for all was the spur
The adjustment in their thinking
Their conscientious way
This lady wasn’t like the rest
And they loved her more each day

They were released back to the wild
To a sanctuary where they
Could be rewarded could live their lives out
And for 18 years she stayed away
Life is like that then one day
She wanted to go back
Warned about the dangers
That they could just attack

She was ready just to see them
To call them when she’d know
She had tuned into their consciousness
And felt that she could show
Their incorruptibility
Faultless to a tee
She was confident around them
And when their eyes did see

Her they came towards her
Wide eyed knowing they
Knew her yes their human friend
Whose integrity had been way
above all of the others
Their friend from long ago
They smiled at her and hugged her
And then the world could know

On the side of the angels
Seraphic in a way
Their love for her was everything
Her love for them did play
Heavy in their hearts
The 18 years a long long time
And really in the scheme of things
Now remembered with a rhyme

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