Bram Stoker and the Durian

It’s curious
How fiction can change people’s perception
The bat the durian fruit
What’s all that about
Bats have got a unrepresentative
Focus it appears to me
The Irish Author’s
Gothic novel Dracula was key

Vampire bats would congregate
And suck the blood of ladies
Often they frequented the graveyards
Long ago
Because of this they have this
And many people out there seem to know

How bats appear to most
They are kind of creepy
brainwashed we were by the gothic mood
They make their homes in dark caves
And tend to feed at night
Their little faces are grotesque
And we know sadly they bite

Some suck blood and turn us into
Vampires it’s been said
It was a horrific novel
And the vampires all were fed
On blood they hated sun light
They hated garlic and the cross
And Dracula he was considered
Well to be their boss

In Malaysia and Thailand
A tropical fruit is grown
high up in the canopy
A spiky king
Full blown
To be now most nutritious
But awfully smelly too
Westerners have been known to puke
Their heart up yes thats true

But the durian is wonderful
And officianado’s say
It really has the weirdest smell
A magickal nosegay
Of creamy tasty segments
And a sweetness through and through
And Bats in fact take nectar from the flowers
Some clueless to

The reason and their part in making
Durians at all
By climbing for the nectar
Pollination is the call
Without all of them coming to feed
Most every night
The durians wouldn’t grow at all
Now you see the plight

Of bats whose reputation
Is evil to be sure
But as regards the durian
Who could want for more
They all exchange the nectar
And the pollen from the store
And create this fruity wonder
That I for one adore

It’s banned from public places
Eating on the train
Eating it in restaurants
They’d think you were insane
The gothic novel Dracula
The Durian fruit
So many Malaysians love it
And part with lots of loot

To buy them fresh in Malaysia
Frozen and distributed here
It brings back all the memories
All of them are clear
Whenever you first tasted one
You almost know the year
It’s really very memorable
It really raises fear
And it all can be smelled a mile away
If a truck comes into town
Depending how the winds are blowing
It’s going to take you down

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