A wicked soul

a headless joey
A baby roo
Someone infant
Good and new
And this bitch
Calls herself, and feels
She decapitates
A babe
And reveals
Just how wicked and
Full of woe
Depraved and infamous
Now we know
She is worse than
A ghoul
Such self admiration
And her egotrip
Across the nation
Covetous mean
A selfish fool
Narcisstic its my call
Really indulging herself
Like this
Sucking its headless body
An Abomination of cruelty
On social media too
She be
Strutting her stuff
Iniquitous slag
So unworthy to the flag
Admits she hunts illegally
AUSTRALIA now ought to be
Stripping her licensing
Clear away
For she is an insult
And she should pay

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