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Pompei revisted

Archeology calls for application Unflagging efforts needed every day Working on the sites the teams Show patience Slowly brushing dust and crud Away Pompei site of the very big eruption Back in 79AD When Vesuvius erupted and in minutes The … Continue reading

Sean Ryan

Working under the Beech With its coppery glow Taking out bricks From a long time ago They had crumbled and moved With the passing of time The roots and the shoots Where the ivy did climb Had tested the mortar … Continue reading

Tambling and Tommy Winata

Sumatra is a proper wildlife experience creativity and passion there 45,000 hectares of wild tropical forest 14500 hectares of coastal plain A famous guy called Tomy Winata In Lampung province it appears that he Bought up Tambling area to set … Continue reading

Gestation prison

Gestation crates Are just about pig sized And were invented By a psycho case for certain A selfish and demented Farmer who was after Cramming more sows in his barn The poor souls couldn’t turn around It’s sounds like some … Continue reading

Lithuania to Israel live exports

Healthy cows The journey beckons Lithuania farewell We are going off to Israel Is it Paradise or Hell? A box known yes as a container A lot of us Free standing there Every movement every roll Increases our despair Fighting … Continue reading

A wicked soul

a headless joey A baby roo Someone infant Good and new And this bitch Calls herself, and feels She decapitates A babe And reveals Just how wicked and Full of woe Depraved and infamous Now we know She is worse … Continue reading


England proud and ancient MY country which still is Riding high though rocky It’s lost some of its fizz The EU unelected have Lessened it’s fortunes But referenda taken It’s all there in the runes Our history is a long … Continue reading

Bolsonaro the new saviour

Voted in to fight the crime Seen as the strong man And his climb, through the army Days until now Really shows the people how Strong ideas a powerful stance This guy, is no song and dance The environment and … Continue reading

Rudston Monolith

The devil supposed to have Just left it there A 40 ton gritstone From Clayton aware Somehow it got to Rudston and we think Glacial erratic Yes Possibly A Norman church erected after The standing stone Biggest around No where … Continue reading

Elephant day at the Zoo

Zoo’s are not the answer They are prison for the crime Of wanting to have freedom And there really is no rhyme Or reason to imprison them To educate our young Trying to make a profit And remain unsung Wild … Continue reading