The Ibex and it’s mineral intake

Without nutritionists or doctors
Wild animals they know
How to get a balanced meal
From what in fact does grow
How to supplement their diets
And keep them healthy they
Scale the mountains and the the dams
To help them on their way

Various dams in Italy
Bare witness to it all
They scale sheer walls
To lick the salts away
And few do fall
Etteringite a by-product
Of the concrete that we use
And the IBEX knows nutritionally
This stuff is too good to lose

And so it makes the climb
So dangerous as could be
Without the salt lick and the minerals
The goat would die, you see
It’s constancy and steadfastness
It’s commitment to its cause
It’s fortitude and persistence
Sees it’s through it’s wars

And gives it all that staying power
It’s unflagging efforts to
Survive in this environment
And stay healthy which is true
Within its brain
Instinctive knowledge
Put there by its god
Unlike us who think we know it all
And make a rod

For our own backs
Believing the crap that people say
We buy into nutrition
Thinking it’s a way
We wouldn’t dare scale dam walls
The IBEX you see they
Are the true believers
At the back end of each day

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