Cape fur seals and Namibia

Predation on the Skeleton Coast
In Namibia is high
Wolf-Atlas Bay and Cape Cross
It happens which is why
Thousands of Cape Fur Seals are born
each November,to correspond
With the Benguela Current
Nutrient rich waters beyond
The Natural world accounts for
This huge berthing event
Creation and production
Is truthfully heaven sent

Historically at Henties Bay
In 1486
the explorer Diego Cao
Planted a cross
To respect the King of Portugal
And now we feel the loss
Of up to 80,000 babies
Bludgeoned to their death
By uneducated impoverished yobs
With spiked clubs and as their breath
Leaves the babes they scream and mew
And vomit milk and blood
And the battlefield a Nature Reserve
Resounds to the constant thud
That permeates one’s psyche
The screeching dying cries
With each mother watching
Weeping underneath the skies

Picture it a vast blue mass of sky
The ocean’s anger felt
Gulls skimming the surface
Cormorants all dealt
A space yes just above the waves
Where they are seen to soar
Where Orca’s come and Copper Sharks
Who also can’t ignore
Black backed jackals
And brown Hyena’s after a quick meal
Seal mothers have their work cut out
Predation here is real

Up to 30 per cent will die
But it’s all under control
Nature writes her blue print
She operates with soul
It’s attested and it’s genuine
In this natural sea reserve
And tourists come to view the seals
And the government has the nerve
To advertise and tax the tourists
But when the time is right
The tourists are told To stay away
Which is when we see the fight

That’s when the killing spree
an awful clubbing war
Babies with their heads bashed in
Writhing in the gore
It’s hell on earth a battlefield
Of sophistry and pain
Causing such disharmony
Such tension and disdain

And why do you think they are doing it
It’s money for the boy
The Egyptian seal king
Hatem Yavuz who derives
Much joy
From murdering the babies
His exclusivity
Very much sought after
By the ignorant
Who be
Up to paying princely sums
His margins therefore high
It’s a reason he can just ignore
protestors it’s no lie

He makes it very clear To all
That if he didn’t trade
In seal skins others would take his place
And with his connections laid
He makes a fair old profit
And as for baby seals
He certainly doesn’t have sleepless nights
And the business appeals

Countries though prepared to sell
What is their gifted souls
And do it just for money
Rather misguided goals
That is my contention
Exchanging life for death
Peace for bellicosity
Toxins for true breath

Creating such adversity
Such hardship and travail
It’s miserable and stricken
A most maligning tale
Eighty thousands martyrs
The karmic debt abroad
Tourists realisation
That their deaths are no reward

Heart broken mothers so despairing
Sunk in misery
Nauseated and disgusted
Why it has to be
Nature provides sufficient stocks
Of fish for all to share
The wailing and the blubbering
And the whimpering despair
Any tourist seeing or hearing
This will be
Put off and riled up a lot
Nobody wants to see
Babies torn a’sunder
Their brains across the rocks
Eye sockets full of blood
It’s something that really shocks

Even the toughest among us
These are babies to be sure
Really little angels
So really what’s it for
Just to make some extra cash
For the government of the day
Who countenance the hideousness
For there is no other way

They haven’t got a moral
Aspect no not anywhere
They are just bunch of heartless sods
Who feed on the despair
They don’t see it as offensive
With bulging wallets they
Like the expensive wine it buys
And the spoils along the way.

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