The great debate

8pm BBC
There yes they all sat
With Emily Maitland
Clad in blue
Thats where they were at
BORIS and Jeremy Michael
And Saj
Not forgetting Rory
All wearing the badge

Of honour and glory
And foresight divine
With BREXIT and Britain’s
Future on the line
Jibberish and more
Stammering and baffled
They were all unsure

The questions from the
Non existent audience
For me
Were puzzling to say the least
And all that we could see
Was the facilitator arguing
Over them as they
Tried their best to elucidate
But failed, I have to say

Where was the veracity
Out in the real world
They were so unconvincing
Seemingly all hurled
Into an arena uncertain
And unsure
Vacilating wildly
Really very raw

Undefined and random
In a quandary they
Exaggerating doomsters
Not unlike MRS May
Wavering uncertainty
The whole bloody lot of them
Were painful honestly

Bewildered by the glare of it
Untutored and untrained
Shallow and superficial
With really nothing gained
From so much shallow splutter
Would you buy a car
From anyone of these bright sparks
Not one of them a star

All of them imposters
Thrown into the ring
The Nation wanting evidence
Something they couldnt bring
Vacuousness they had that
Illogical and scatty
Their nervousness
We all could see

Not a sage among them
No elder statesman to adore
Where are all the shining lights
Strategists from times before
Alertness and awareness
With mental gifts really packed
Profundity and wisdom
Acumen and tact

Its the height of absurdity
And Whimsicality
Fatuous and pointless
In a moronic way
We are going down the tubes
Thats all I have to say

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