Skulduggery exists
The perfidiousness creates
The frame-up of the century
Such Hypocrisy conflates
Truthfulness and honour
With the sanctimonious way
Of misquoting and misinforming
And making people pay

Inventing pure falsehoods
Wholly insincere
Betrayal and duplicity
So prophetic and so clear
Untruths by the bucket full
The urban myth lets say
Try to delude the public
In a simulated way
Julians in Belmarsh
suffering for he
Losing weight like crazy
And now apparently
Cannot still communicate
He is exhausted and is spent
Enhanced interrogation
Upon him they have lent

Monotony and tedium
Have cut him down to size
Promises have been broken
Inconstancy denies
The obvious he teeters
In and out of reality
Denying them a passage
An inevitability

Can he remain positive
When weasel words he hears
He is really up against it
Drowning and his fears
Apparently indefinable
On different wavelengths he
Is suffering the torture
And ofcourse their sophistry

Does life still have a meaning
What is left inside his soul
7 weeks since being dragged
From the embassy that hole
Of what was utter lunacy
Gifted, yet alone
Surrounded now by robots
Who he now would disown

Contrary to reason
Muddled and confused
What we think is happening
He is being abused
His gentleness is suffering
The vagaries of sleight
And the illogicality
That for him just won’t feel right

The treachery and unpredictability
The obscurity and vagueness
He is being drowned
With no one sound to talk to
The probability
Is he is going off his head
Being driven seemingly

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