Seventy two souls
Came back floating
Grenfell must have happened two
Years ago
There but for the
grace of god
The story true

A fire washed everywhere
Wiped out
floor after floor
The cladding there
Was a death trap
Not like so much
gone before
Just pure despair

The cheapskates
Somebody applied it
Building regs no more
Budgets handouts arseoles
Really at the core
The people came from everywhere
Socially housed were they
Close to sleeping Began weeping
What could people say

A spark became a fire
A fridge both hot and burned
A minor fire
It became dire
And then the whole thing

Into, an inferno
The building locked
in flame
The council tucked up
in their beds
Nobody to blame

People could not get away
The fire doors
Rubbish yes yes they
No sprinklers
and gas in the stairwell
And All of them would pay

Seventy two
The official figure
But many more besides
Could be another seventy two at least
Oh yes the tides
of Kensignton and Chelsea
Were turning we could see
Vast great plumes of smoke and slaughter
And death the constancy

It happened in just a few hours
The measly contracts they
Were shown up to be insufficient
At the end of the day
And seventy two sweet souls
Did perish
burned alive and
Slowly too
Screaming as their hair did sizzle
As Some out of their windows flew

Two years on and what has happened
The contractors
Where are they
Who decided on the cladding
Who applied it

Silence drifts across the district
This cosmetic crap applied
Other buildings got the treatment
The victims clearly were denied
Their right to speak
Their place in heaven
In the embers all could feel
Everything they ever wanted
They all got a rotten deal

The council never heard
Their bleatings
They were tied up in their own
Riches councils people
To hear the screams
Not one groan

Did they hear
Duty of care
Was filed away and gone
A tiny fire
And crappy cladding
And the delaying tactics
That go on and on

Correspondence seldom
Talking down to those inept
Single parents
Such a nuisance
But now the fire has all but swept

The building
And the world can witness
An epitaph decked out in green
Grenfell smouldered on for ages
And the only word left
Is obscene

High rise buildings
Death traps clearly
Fire doors not as specified
It was one great conflagration
The night when all those angels died

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