Born without a heart of anykind

You create their purgatory
Their angst each twinge they feel
Stolen from creation
Your heartlessness is real
I see you laugh and joke about
The perils you inspire
The total desolation
For Seals ofcourse its dire

You encourage with your ill found wealth
For Others to engage
In torture and in murder
Really its off the page
No remorse no worries
You are indisposed to try
And hear the babies dying
Asking their mothers why

Victimized and martyred
Their brains bashed through their skull
Just about past weaning stage
And some darkly oaf does cull
The lights out of their being
Their bloodshot eyes close tight
And its all because you want their skin
Which ofcourse is snowy white

If you dont do it someone else will
A weird philosophy
Really it is madness
Its just you cannot be
Honest with your true self
In the most part your decay
Is growing though you are unaware
Faster everyday

For bitterness and suffering
Occupies your thoughts
A malignancy is growing
Villainously it sports
A lamentable conclusion
The need to earn and earn
From a burdensome task ahead
That you did never learn

Canada and Namibia
Willing to let you be
Uneven in your thinking
Such mediocrity
A delirium of doing
A disorder of desire
A contagion of creation
That Creates an inner fire

Your time is being ravaged
A canker creeps below
Your balance sheet is growing
As seal bloods starts to flow
Broken bones and fractures
Injury and strain
Disabling mutilation
And unbelievable pain

Why would anybody want to
Slaughter infants why
Taking their first breath of life
Underneath the sky
On the massive ice flows
Beside their mothers who
Brought the gift of god for all
And perished because of you

For this to be a memorial
To your true success
Maybe feels good in this life
As you create that stress
For babies and for mothers
Far Across the sea
And pay your hoodlums to murder
The true immensity

Its coming retrogression
The heart can only give
So much before it falters
All of us who live
Upon this earth have reasons
To feel the need to care
To love and be enlightened
And hopefully more aware

To the seal killer who makes his money and is proud that he does it
In this manner

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