Animals share and care

Animals share and care thats what they do
They take over a lodge
And they just work it through
Their spirits they realise
Somewhere that they
Can be safer at night
And during the day

Before humans left the place
Butchers were there
Torment and slaughter
No one aware
Of the evil and hatred
That humans create
The arrogance clearly
The vilest of trait

Its was most humans
Suffering there
The animal tribes too
Were abused and I swear
Hunting was carried out
Hundreds blood spilled
A torrent of hatred
With so many killed

As the humans left
Desolation set in
The environment re balanced
And the kith and kin
Came back they could share
All the rooms all the space
They sought a shared solace
And shared all the grace

Animals really they do understand
When they’ve eaten they sleep
And out on the land
Its much much more dangerous
Than finding a place
Inside the lodge
Kind of lost without trace

Camera traps applied to the walls
Picked up behaviour
And the natual rules
Prey animals sleeping
Were not eaten by
Carniverous predators
Despite wondering why

It didnt make sense
To the humans who thought
During supineness
Prey couldnt be caught
All shared the space
And the safety and care
Which humans thought strange
For they were not Aware

That tribes have deportment
And principles too
They eat when its time
But those asleep just wont do
A greater authority exists
One can say
And restraint is a gift
At the end of the day

They work on a higher vibration
Than we
They know about karma and about destiny
They suffer great pain
As some humans do
And know just how thankless
The task is its true

We must think long and hard
About how advanced we
Are in the real world
And the adversity
We impose on the animals
Many who were
There long before us
I trust you concur

And realise now that
With understanding and verve
We can all live together
Avoiding the curve
Avoiding the consequences
Of desire
Of incautiously heading back
Into the fire.

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