Copper and Cherry

Living close to Nature
Helps one balance
My Cherry and my Copper Beech
Conviction and a true belief
Implicit in my soul
And coupled with a Summer breeze
They certainly extol
A wonderful enlightenment
To tired eyes who can feel
A Solstice in each moment
And a sentiment thats real
There’s a depth to wavering branches
To the richness one can see
The Cherry only half it’s size
But still it wants to be

Stalwart in its aura
It’s green and Salmon hue
Up beside the Copper Beech
Whose redness does imbue
The senses and uncovers
A credible desire
To stand there and be noticed
In a true hypnotic fire
Of being that transcends
The colouration of the day
That restores one’s faith in living
Undeniably at play
Light beams heighten pigments
That validate each thought
The fruits so wholly promising
An image that seems caught

Up in true persuasion
Profundity on high
Attracting sunlit kisses
A pageantry which is why
This harlequin of colour
A kaleidoscope of care
A flushing blushing madder
In the ochre of a prayer
Exists and is so painted
In a preview to desire
A true palpability
The choicest of house choir
Songbirds singing aria’s
A Tinkling symphony
Wind generated splendour
Such drama constantly

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