Poor Cow

She is suffering
Her agony
They caused it
You can feel
The pain and aggravation
Everytime its real
Everytime she is for ed
To move
Her fear and hopelessness
Become ber living nightmare
Adding to her stress
Milked to death
Not for her offspring
That factor she knows
She suffers all this torture
And each day the pain grows
So we can chomp on cheese
And pickles
And dairy milk ice cream
With lots a real cholesterol
each hour of existence
Is held in every dream
And so she gets the prodding
The tastelessness and she
Must face impropriety
The boorishness that be
Prevalent all over
Her imperfection shows
Stigmatized and wounded
As her squalor grows
ravaged in the filthy barn
In such monotony
Inelegant and ponderous
Lamenting constantly
What a life of terror
And when it comes to be
Shipped off to the slaughterhouse
Halal is all she will see
The blade across her weary throat
The agony that will
See her blood gush everywhere
And she will feel the chill
Of hatred in the human eyes
Her life was lne of hell
Hormones and antibiotics
Something you knew of well
Dispirited and deafeated
Ber weariness on fire
Massive melancholia
A depression thatvwas dire
Joyless and discouraged
Crestfallen every day
Remembering her several calves
Who they stole away

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