this evil this insulting creature from HELL”

Let me set the scene
Of pure horror where
Baby calves languish and in his space
This vile and slovenly miserly shit
A dairyman so called who now dares to pit
His ungodly stance
With angels now who
Are clearly innocent
Absolutely all through
Just Kidnapped babies
Just Stolen souls
Up against this creep
scoring his goals
This abductor its clear
He shouldn’t be here
Among the angels NO this vile brute
If I had a gun I would definately shoot
This suffering torture he is handing out
Kicking and bashing
Their wee eyes all shout
And scream
We can all feel
The anguish and pain
These are little babies
and this lout is insane
Anguished tormented
Before they know
What life is about
We are ready to show
Them bleeding harrowed
broken hearted
They realized
Hell on earth
This man worked
That he would dare
To expose these babies
To so much pain
Look at his clothing
He’s a walking insane
His Molesting stance
His slobbery style
Unsightly and hideous
So off the dial

Grotesque and twisted
A ghastly man
Cumbersome hulky it seems his plan
To frighten and injure
And make them feel
Defeated and hopeless
You can’t conceal
The anger the wrath
Such evil here
Just look at his way
Exuding fear
Nervous and timidly
Wondering what
Next was happening
How they had got
Mixed up with a rotter
Bent on fright
His hysterical actions
So uptight
Kicking their bodies
Slashing their throat
Tossing them this way
And that way
His intense dislike
For being there
Snapping and snarling
Not one gram of care
Fierceness and scowling
Smarting with ire
A dairy farm
Now In the crossfire
close the place down
Get this brute out the way
Shut down the business
Its the worst display
Of anger and torment and suffering, I
Have seen for a long time
With tears in my eye
I cant bear to see this
A business employ
Paid to be cruel
To banish all joy
From sweet little victims
Just born and now this
The thought when emerging
Of actual bliss
But dairies are anything
They are not love and care
They are solidly brutal
As we can now share

This forbidding gloom merchant
Has to be sacked
Who ever he is
Clearly he’s cracked
Shouldnt be near any animals and
Is a pitiless bloodthirsty
Sadistic hand
How was he ever put in charge
That day
His filthy apron his cudgels
His sway
he slobbers about
A bugger who needs
A very long sentence
For such ugly deeds
As to the animals
Dying to go
Life just imagine
What they went through
How hearts and minds can be broken
When they
Are subjected to this kind of hell hole
To pay
What dues?
they are babies
Stolen from their mum
She promised them so much
Her rule of thumb
Sounded so blissful
Sounded so good
Crucifixion and pink cows
It just wasnt good

And these businesses thrive
And The public dont know
Many dont care
And these businesses grow
Whole families go to them
The front part is there
Heaven on earth
With so much to spare
At the back though
However what we dont see
Is the hell they create
For the whole cow family
This world we live in
Is evil and sad
Torture of animals
Its really bad
Dairies employ the most heartless
Of souls
As we see here
As he performs his roles
This henchmen of grief
This monster of bile
This creature who spurns every baby
His style
Is to winge and to anger and fart every where
To fill every hour with total despair
To puke and to scream give his wrath to their soul
Make them wish they could die
And rot in some hole
This irreverent sot
This disparaging goon
This slap in the face
This so out of tune
With humanity really and existence as well
This evil this insulting creature from HELL

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