Martin Clunes

Caught red handed
Despite the plea
What is surely
The burden of guilt
Of course we see
And true illegality

A female elephant
Standing there
Breathing the same air
As all of us
And wondering why
This man is close
The long long sigh

He begins to climb
To stretch my ears
All his weight
Brings on my tears
Pulling me forward
This hurts a lot
Whats it about
What have I got

Weight and height
Of course thats true
But he has two legs
And can view
The world from where
He stands
So why
Is he climbing on me
A typical guy

Sliding across my aching head
Really something that
I dread
His body close and rubbing I
Sometimes wish that I could die

Disrespect these foreigners they
Never atone for what they say
Or do
Although I am large
I still feel pain
And my tears they
Fall like gentle rain

The mahout was astounded
I could see
Why this man
Should climb up me
His sweaty body
His legs and thighs
I just didnt realise

How ignorant white men can be
Self centred too effectively
A real dose of villainy
And someone who supports
“Born free”
Clearly lacks the understanding
Us elephants are not expanding
How we walk and who we carry
It sends a message to the many

No sense of responsibility
And very little charity
Feeling elevated he
Wanted to ride out on me
Humiliation comes for free
From superiority
Irreverence is all we get
Abuse really its almost set
In stone these days
Thats us who do
Are despised infact
Well thats my view.

MArtin Clunes clearly
Would have been better off
Using HIS own legs not the elephants

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