Lion bone trade

The Kings of the jungle
Apparently they
Get so little respect anymore
We can say
The trade in their bones
Is a vindictive game
Of relentless spite
How can we claim
To be fair and humane
In all that we do
When we unjustifiably
Are clueless to
The evils and morality
That is about
It’s so inappropriate
How people flout
All of the laws
Such parlous mischief
Complete criminality
Beyond belief

Lions are all darted
And then they Are shot
Through the ear never fear
Buyers are not
Going to pay for smashed skulls
Are they, they
Want perfect bone structure
If they are to pay

Overseas buyers want top quality
They buy into tiger bones
It’s what they see
With curative properties
Fit for the rich
The marketeers clearly
Are sound with their pitch

If the truth be known
Tiger bones tiger cake
Are the medicine products
Lion bones are a fake
Taking advantage of shortages they
Substitute Lions bones
And turtle and may
Substitute monkey bones
That’s what they do and if you can get it
Their dreams all come true

The victims of course are the lions
Kings no more
Caged up and victimised
For them it’s war
Canned bunting targets
Or destined to be
Exported as tiger
Sent illicitly

From the start to the finish
It’s criminals who
Lie to each other
Whatever they do
As cubs removed from their mothers
To be
Petted by volunteers
Coming to see

Conned by the ethic
Morals all shot
Away by the criminals
And there’s a lot
To be made and it’s happening
Day in and day out
Leaving all of the parties
In considerable doubt

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