Silence in my cell alone
To have and own free will
To whistle and to blow the sounds of freedom
And to still
My sleeping restful mind
Into a sweet immunity
Surrounded by the murderers
Whose faces Just haunt me

I possess my badge of honour
My living space so small
My health has somewhat left me
I have so few to call
I feel so dreadfully lonely
I have a weight of fear
All my rights taken away
Of that fact I am clear

Belmarsh is my prison
Locked up night and day
Freeborn once I felt that
Now what can I say
Subjugated widely
Enslaved for Who I be
Totally disadvantaged
And coerced constantly

Hidebound and unbending
I am shackled and am sore
Confined incarcerated
And very very sure
My keepers are all pale faced
jangling their keys
Not a smile amongst them
Political p lease

My health is far from easy
My breathing far from free
I think if they could take away
Water and air from me
They would
The truth is violence
Abandonment is here
And all I did was tell the truth
Knowing the creeps were near

Democracy is not a word
That really comes to mind
Honestly and probity
Are not subjects you find
In this abandoned station
Excluded from it they
are smothered by the evil
By the parsimonious way

That I am being treated
Devoured of any charm
Covetous and ungenerous
They really mean me harm
And in this general stupor
What am I to do
Try to be more tolerant
And think each day of all of you

Who care about me

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