You must feel we have abandoned you
But in reality
Nothing could be further from the truth
Locking you away
Like this
In Belmarsh is the sin
High security essentially
How do they begin

To work it through their minds dear friend
What they are guilty of today
That you endure such hardship
A prisoner they make you pay
For truth and tangibility
The substance of your soul
their superficiality
That seemingly does control

They make their decisions
To leave you high and dry
Languishing in a cell alone
Their decisions lie
In their actual undoing
The yoke that they now bear
The fusion and intrusion
That they could never share

The entirety of reason
The harmony of how
The ordered and the methodical
Really Julian now
Holed up in their shackles
The outside world away
Behind the bars of bedlam
In the hotchpotch of decay

Your name is on so many lips
And in so many hearts
The translocation game they play
They are such a bunch of “farts”
Unhinged and misdirected
They vegetate beyond
Their actually perishability
And beyond all that abscond

Into their womb of circumstance
A doomsday they create
What Fate holds in store for them
Can justice delegate
The world-weariness of prison
Prosaic and uninspired
Boringly uncomfortable
Humourless and tired

Waiting for the next day
and the next to pass us by
23 hours in a cell
Asking ourselves why
They have set out to break us
Which they can never do
For out beyond the gates and walls
So many hearts ring true

All beating in unison
With a wit and jocularity
So much wonder everywhere
Really it’s extraordinary
The friendship of so many
Warmth and cordiality
We are with you all the way
Enamoured by your constancy.

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