Divided allegiance

An animal doctor
A healer of sorts
She sits on the fence
With her wave ring thoughts
All that she kills
She eats all of it
For her it’s like pruning a tree
For me she a bitch with an unlikely pitch
A very strange Veterinary.

An animal doctor
Should be a healer
Caring and sharing her love
Going out shooting
Rooting and looting
The kingdom of wild souls
For me
Is shabbiness and double dealing
Where is her feeling
She be
I would ban her from being a doctor
And do her for rascalitY

Liz Gamble’s her name
She’s on Facebook
Spreading her venom about
Proud of herself killing animals
She eats what she kills never doubt
For me she’s a monster for certain
Whatever school she’s at they should
Expel her and tell he she can’t be a doctor
For her modus operandi isn’t good

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