We claim dominion

Stealing our babies
Mothers in grief
Woe and beyond
There is never relief
5 days isolation
Then off to die
Starved and confused
It is one big lie

The cattle are lowing
The babies awake
Don’t talk about Jesus
The dairies are fake
They have always lied
Through their back teeth
Each day
In my lifetime trillions
Of babies have all passed away

Pass away human speak
So infanticide
So common place
The dairies they hide
The killing the torture
The rank points of view
As baby calves
Throats are slashed
Because of YOU

Milk guzzling humans
Custard and cream
Yoghurt and ices
It’s just a dream
Milk chocolate
And truffles
And junket and more
And all kinds of cheeses
Creating this war

So many babies
Die every day
Throats torn a’sunder
No one to pray
We are after their stomachs
As rennin for cheese
We are after their flesh as veal
If you please
We are after their skin
For handbags as well
And I hope all of you
Find the calves place in HELL

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