The tears of a rhino mother

One child only
A mother has to be
Attentive of her surroundings
And clearly courageously
Ready in the wildness
Of Africa where she
Is up against the wildness
And the abandonment
A key
Issue for her
Ugly in the extreme
They will come and threaten her
For what to most
May seem
Pointless it’s the keratin
The horn that she displays
The Chinese think it’s magickal
In many different ways
Ofcourse it is no more magickal
Than our finger nails or hair
It’s made up just of keratin
Then again they are not aware

They are sadly into money
Into profit into crime
They see a beautiful rhinoceros
Born before it’s time
Living in its bubble
In Africa where we
See the local criminals
Prepared yes they to be
Coming with their weaponry
To murder and to try
To end the life of s beautiful soul
Who doesn’t want to die

A rhino mother with a baby
As yet unborn she
Is aware of whats growing there
But the low life
Cannot see
All they see is black market horn
And the profit they can make
A living creature, a beautiful soul
The low life are not awake
The are dead pan criminal elements
Bought over by the mob
Blank minded an abstraction
They fail to hear her sob
A mother with a baby
Inside of her today
Another living beating heart
That will now have to pay

Africa head in its hands
Thoughtless through and through
A single calf 12 months at least
Another six the view
Is fortitude and vigour
It’s courage all the way
As the band of poachers
Enter the affray
Firing off their anger
Threatening her so
Murdering a mother
Who loved her baby so
Who cared enough for Africa
The place where she now be
Abandoned by her people
For all eternity

They carved and tore her horn away
The agony she cried
Suffering a death of many cuts
Down deep inside
Her consciousness regretting
The labour she’d been through
And now would die in agony
As would her baby too
Mindlessness and corruption
Fitted out the scene
Poachers maddened by the thought
Of the money so obscene
Watching a beautiful mother
Hacked to death for what
A great lump of keratin
Murdered on the spot

Slumping to the ground
Bleeding from her soul
Listening to the poacher class
All out of control
Evil all black hearted rogues
Soulless vile blackguards
Lost in an eternal soup
Of prejudiced blowhards

Traditional Chinese medicine
Warrants such a crime
The price for sourcing ingredients
Through the March of time
The callous disappearance
Of animals each day
Murdered in their place of being
In a dark display

The illogicalness apparent
False reasoning abroad
Irrational unreasoned
The most feeble of reward
Blind spots every which way
Bigots everyone
mistaken and misguided
When the day is done

Mendacity and treachery
A disservice to their soul
Evil wicked iniquitous
The most troublous of role
Their misfortune
To guilelessly proclaim
The need to murder a mother
And all our hearts inflame

Humiliation swelleth
Your visitation too
The infliction of such horror
It’s what you all did do
Your intolerance your cruelty
Your pitiless display
You tortured her
You murdered her
In such an awful way

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