Some of the vandals are from science and technology

Somethings are just wrong
And science seems to feel
Because its done with someone elses money
It is real
Research it feels more palatable
But in reality
Technicians in laboratories
Use as much cruelty.

So much impropriety
Wrongheadedness and sin
Illegitimacy they overcompensate
To win
the hearts and minds
Of the many
Who think their stories right
Its a violation really
And A lot of it is just shite

Take the cane toad for example
A marine toad big and strong
It came from the America’s
So, what could go wrong
Introducing it to Australia
To do
Away with the cane beetle
A dream story come true
a way of maintaining profits
For the sugar industry
To be the be and end all
For an eternity

102 they released thats all
In 1935
And by 1937
So many were alive
Over 60000 leaping about and so
they opened the doors and off they leapt
And what have they to show?

How sadly that they are toxic
Take a bite and see
Its not long before An ardent kiss
Off a Prince
Provides a key
But a Problem the toads never ate
The cane beetles apparently
Too busy killing the Northern Quolls
Who attacked them tragically

The quolls are little feral cats
Marsupials and rare
Everybody loves the quolls
I mean you have to care
About these little critters
Iconic through and through
So science put its thinking cap on
And what it did do

For me its an imposition
Its not logical at all
Its typical of hair brained science
Text book stuff they trawl
Through volumes of this nonsense
And so the big idea
Lets make some toad leg sausages
And add an emetic tear
When the quolls try eating
Cane toads they will know
It just is not a good idea
An assailant in the flow

The smell of toad that made them sick
And by association
They will not eat the cane toad
A memorial creation
Trying to save the sugar cane
They introduced the toad
The Njanmak cat was poisoned
So a bad seed they had sowed

The idea isnt guaranteed
To work it is unjustified
Its merely a presumption
Nothing really to overide
Anything for science
No order of any day
Spending pots of money
With lots and lots to say

It doesnt work with humans
Who drink themselves to death
Puke all over their weekends
Or get off on meth
On gangja some on opioids
Of course It makes them sick
But they
Get off on it and still they do it
Any blooming way

So why would a quoll be different
Its irreverent to think
But they carry on spending money
And nobody does blink
And now the cane toads
Are every blooming where
Killing all the indigenous prey
Who all seem unaware

And how did All this happen
To be a problem
Yes of course
The cane beetle and sugar profits
Yes that was the actual source
Science said it was feasible
And so it happens they
Are guilty of the vast expense
Thats happening today

And now ofcourse
They shrink back
Not a word we hear
All that money down the drain
And more problems
Its clear
More research and higher prices
Wasting all this time
The meat trade and the scientists
Are they worthy of a rhyme?
Worthy by association
In a battle that sees desire
That’s following an ultimatum
An end game now so dire.

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