Notre Dame

A conundrum exists
In so many hearts
The twin towers suggests
Something more
Watching the images
The exposition
The prejudices
In the raw

A great church
Is burning
What misunderstanding
The fire going
Against the flow
800 year oaks
dont go up like matchwood
The systems in place
Were to show

This couldnt happen
This was no accident
No renovation was happening where
The fire really started
How the flames had darted
How everyone there was aware

The chief architect
BErnard Mouton
Makes his point clear
Saying he
Knows that it wasnt an accident
The conspiracy and tragedy

6.20 alarms raised a query
The fire brigade they were on site
No fire was burning
Nothing concerning
And then it was terribly bright
Thirty whole minutes
Of something
Unmentionable then what we saw
Flames licking higher
Right up the spire
Notre dame was alight
At its core

Patriots voices lit up the sky
A manifestation
Of somebody’s lie
There were no workmen
No accident there
No welding no blow lamps
Short circuits
To scare

It cannot be terror
It just cannot be
The great celebration
It explicitly
Lit up the night sky
Its eye catching screams
Lets proclaim to the heavens
That its not all it seems

The yellow vest protests
So many weeks
The streets full of smoke
It clearly reeks
Of civil disruption
The mood can it be
Concealing the fact
That a conspiracy

Of silence is manifest
Nobody dares
To suggest such a happening
Ahead of the prayers
The dictum of secrecy
Some corroboration
Emphatic denials
A confutation

Obliteration defacement
And all
Expunging the memories
Of the great spire
So tall
Its bodying forth
Its dignified stance
Looking down on the teargas
A sermon by chance

The apparent unwillingness
To try to restore
There just was no antidote
Not anymore
No redress no solution
Its seemed out of hand
The factions were rising
Right across this land

And then in the night sky
A violence was seen
Ferocious and savage
And equally mean
The great Notre Dame
Had withstood war before
And now was alight
From its very core

Hoses and fire man
And smoke clouds all rose
All were enraged
At what this did pose
Perhaps an irreverence
Then disapprobation
Disillusionment rising
Right across the nation

Time time will tell
Religion plays host
An illumination
Of the holy ghost
A total immersion
A requiem seen
In the most heavenly light
That there ever had been.

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