Master mistress schooling

Master Mistress schooling
Pooling ruling fooling who
The trees in leaf
The sky above so grey
And it is time
For a giant BEECH
Someone did teach
It’s roots were shallow laid
The weight of this
A maidens kiss
The storm heart
Finally played

Years of taking up its force
A teacher clearly so
Those shallow roots
A stalwart heart
Against the wind did blow
Talking of the genius
The consciousness each stream
Reflective of reality
For no one heard me scream

Musing in the morning air
A mistress of regard
Despite the wild nature
To stand here it was hard
I am done a daydreaming
The grey skies wrath will be
A furnace for the future
As I fall and now I be

Laid out bust and broken
The storm had beaten me
Age had taken its final toll
And in essence I am free

Maria thankyou dear for your
Inspiration x

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