Luckybay it is not, not with tourists around

Killing them with kindness
It’s a misnomer there
It’s killing hurting them with ignorance
And they have loads to spare
Selfies by the barbie
With wildness we can see
Lucky bay is unlucky for the ROOS
If you ask me

Lazing in the sunshine
The ozone and the sky
Watch out here comes the tourists
With their junk food which is why
They hope the Roos will come to them
Give them a closeup shot
Chocolate bars and bananas
And assorted grot

Human food makes wild souls
Sicker faster they
Get a dose of colic
And then ofcourse they pay
With a horrid guts ache
It really gives them hell
It takes away their heaven
And leads them into hell

Feeding them is arrogant
It really proves how dumb
City dwellers are infact
And trying to share some
Is extraordinarily stupid
It’s really asinine
Fatuous and tactless
And it isn’t alkaline
Enough, and so the colic
It really makes them ache
So forget all of your favours
For everybody’s sake

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