Misogyny sadly
comes to the fore
For me pregnant cows
Exported ignore
Everything pointing to compassion
And grace
Live exports are crass
And we all have to face

The fact that Australia
Plans very badly
Shipping live cows
That arrive there sadly
Sickly and exhausted
And not up to the task
They shipped the wrong breed
That’s if you ask

Females by sea
Shipped in holds
Pregnant too
What part of that puzzle
Doesn’t ring true
Other than shippers
Whose empathy stinks
Mothers in labour
I see the chinks

If most of you don’t
It’s churlish and wrong
They need to be resting
And not on a long
Strenuous and fearful
Voyage on the sea
Away from their homeland
Which is where they should be

This is a man thing
If you ask me
How can men realise
About pregnancy
How can they dare to ship
Cows in this way
On their legs in a hold
Every fucking day

Off to Sri Lanka
Imagine their fear
They are with baby
Isn’t that clear
The rigour the desolate
Fears mothers get
Holed up in some ship
The story is set

Far from fine in my book
Wellard seemingly
Talks up figures and balance sheets
And accountability
It’s profit without prophets
Around to spread good cheer
And so we see the ladies dying
Many Of fear

Imagine that
shipped all that long way
It’s about the dairy need.
Sri Lanka wants
Lots of fresh milk
For them
To succeed
For me again its judgement
They have coconuts by the score
But want to drink fresh cows milk
If I could just implore

The management to consider
Cows milk for a while
Importing pregnant animals
It is off the dial
Australia is malevolent
It’s thoughtlessness appears
Greater than its caring
And so creates the tears

I cry for all those female cows
Abandoned on the sea
Pining for their grassy homes
And existing dangerously
Shipped like sacks of potatoes
Living breathing souls
The fear the true chaotic state
The lack of true controls

What is irregularity
A voyage across the sea
Being crushed together
It’s is slovenly
Turbulence and ferment
What is a shambolic time
And shipping pregnant cows around the
World it is a crime

And many die before their time
Marshalled so to say
By what I see as uncaring sods
Arrogantly they pay
Their dues and then abandon
The pregnant cows who must
Suffer what is tougher
Than a shipments cut and thrust

And when the cattle get to
Farmers there
Throw their hands up
Tempers rising
Into the hot air
The animals are suffering
They are diseased as well
weakened by the pregnancy
And the stress and ofcourse the swell

Standing in a ships hold
Rocked about all day
Goodness knows what foods on offer
All the bloody way
Across the ocean just imagine
How we ourselves feel
Struggling to just get by
Without a proper meal

Travelling is tiresome
Being in distress
In physical pain
The torment the torture
It can press
Down on you and make you feel
Much weaker than before
In the throes of labour pains
How can one ignore

The different smells the mustiness
The smoke the fumes the reek
The different sounds loud speakers
Every day of every week
The wind outside you hear it
The splashing of the waves
And being in this hell hole
Surrounded by the knaves

Who come and fail to give
You Water that you need
The food is bloody horrible
And of course you bleed
Standing in your toilet
The murkiness and gloom
The sunless hold affects your eyes
It’s as if you are in a tomb

It really does your head in
The sloppy thinking here
Blokes ofcourse in Australia
Have arranged it it is clear
They haven’t got an earthly
Understanding of the way
Pregnant cows feel
Standing up every flipping day

Shitting where they are standing
And smelling it all, they
Are feeling somewhat sicker
Than they all felt yesterday
Again live exports really
Are an anathema to health
It’s all about the man thing
And ofcourse business wealth

The farmers in Australia
Lost it years ago
They haven’t got an inkling
They do not want to know
About how female animals feel
They are philistines in fact
As long as they get their money
They just do not react

And so our voyage of terror
Ends in a destination
Many of us sickly some dead
Yes our salvation
Buried in Sri Lanka
And contracts and claims are high
Farmers here are losing us
And most do not know why

The Aussies won’t repay them
And we are sick like hell
The voyage from farm to Freemantle
That wasn’t managed well
And then shipped to Colombo
In all the heat and we
Are basically all buggered up
For an eternity


  1. Shane Sims on said:

    Hi Rex, I run a AR vegan outreach org and we have a Stop live awareness rally coming up we would love to read your poem out live on the day of course crediting you, would you give
    Permission for that ?
    Regards Shane
    Coast to Coast Animal Friends

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