Galium Adarine the plant of many names

A deftness and adroitness
With resourceful ingenuity
From Saxon times to now we see
Goose grass growing frantically
A weed tis said of hedgerows where
Much has been said but few will share
It’s cunning stance it’s mastery
And it’s innate ability

Adept sure -footed in every way
It’s inventiveness it’s does display
A plotting stance it wangles well
It’s web of cunning it does sell
It’s seeds the finest substitute
For coffee caffeine free to boot
Dried and roasted gifts let’s say
To while away a summers day

Culpepper told us that the Moon
Had dominion thus its tune
Was healing in so many ways
Instinctive knowledge of those who graze
The equine family the bovines too
The goose perhaps its dream came true
Chickens love it sheep as well
Rumination I hear tell

Clivers secrecy is sure
It clambers this way
And whatsomore
It’s natural order Rubiaceau
Flowering plants that many know
Coffee madder bedstraw they
Have been around since judgement day
Hedge Rife the Saxon’s called it so
For it did climb as it did grow

Rich in silica it strengthens hair
And coat in horses everywhere
Sticky willow sticky jack
It’s other names for it does track
Across and through it’s clambering gait
Its star shaped flowers
It’s burrs they state
Their reason to grasp
And be carried far
For me it is an eternal star

Gardeners believe it aggressively
Lay hold or seizes a chance to be
A passenger and so to spread
It’s relevance and put to bed
It’s seed a far who knows to where
It then may grow it then may share
When gathered before it’s seeds appear
It’s a vegetable and this is clear

It’s leaves and stems cooked in a stew
Is a wonderful tonic for all of you
Spring is really the chosen time
It’s an excellent cleanse
That I hope will climb
In true popularity
In a psychic sense vibrationally

The bedstraw family and in the past
It was used to stuff mattresses
That would cast
a feeling of naturalness and desire
To relax and rest and quiet a fire
Galium Latin for milk a view
Coagulation cheese making too
An essential part in the curdling stage
It’s usefulness was off the page

In more modern times
Less humility saw more milk production
Which inevitably
Brought in the animal sacrifice
The calves their stomachs
What became the dice
Of death for them a reason why
Rennet surfaces which is why

This plant fell into disrepute
Along with the nettle
Productions root
Was based on global attitude
And artisanal crafts were thought too crude
Gifts of the gods and humanity
Exchanged for profitability

The death knell cast its bovine tears
All those animals all their fears
The coagulants just tossed away
The calves then lost their right to stay
So milk production and farming sense
Filled the ungulates with suspense
So many mothers cry and bawl
As modern man breaks every rule

This plant was born to cure us
Our ignorance creates
An arrogance of energy
And solemnly dictates
Too many who would suffer
The vagaries of man
Who takes to his synthetics
When gifts of god still can

Provide the truest magick
To deal with wayward ills
To the bladder and the kidneys
What grows close by instils
A confidence of action
A vibration of sorts
The tonifying principle
Missing from our thoughts

The grazers were already tuned
To the symphony of life
They have no need for currency
And it’s resultant strife
They have instinctive programming
Their rumination guide
They have that innate knowledge
All within each stride
They are closer to their maker
Unlike the human soul
Who is mollycoddled and lied to
By an ever increasing shoal

And so the wondrous gifts around
Become compost in the bin
What is their to cure us
To cleanse from deep within
We ignorantly throw away
Complaining all the time
About it’s application
And it’s wants of rhyme

Eruptions rashes irritations
Gravel yes and stones
Inflammatory conditions
That create our moans and groans
A softening of hard lumps
An ointment made of green
Clivers even cancerous
Are very far from mean

As a poultice good for bites and stings
Of Snakes and spiders too
Those animals that do consume it
Their bones take on a hue
Of redness from the roots
They have a splendid dye
The ancient people knew this
And they had no WiFi

Leg ulcers cliver poultices
Where Granulation will
Happen and the healing
Is evident it still
Those using steroids
And other potions we
Have lost the bygone knowledge
It’s become a mystery

Early in its cycle
Chopped up and served in gruel
It will help the over weight
In fact it’s far from cruel
It works it’s about cleansing
The blood is tonified
Strengthening the liver
And all within ones stride

Each plant can develop
Upwards of 300 seeds
So collecting them and roasting them
Coffee really leads
To a saving of money
Of import taxes and
Providing a spring tonic
From our own sweet hand

In the past the farmers
In Sweden their milk strained
Took out hairs with the clivers
Nowadays the cows are pained
They use instead of clivers
A blow lamp tool to burn
The udders of their resultant hair
Its easier to turn

A profit when its others
Suffering the pain
God given plants and remedies
Treated with disdain
Big pharma and the rest of them
Discounting nature, they
Have banished healing women
And the great and pagan way

And so we quietly go about
Our lives the crafte we know
We are disciples of the whole
The plants the trees that grow
We share our planet wisely
We share our knowledge too
The Druid’s ovates and the bards
And the witches true

Feminine   Venus b  Water   love   Worn or carried to attract love

Galium florum


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