Beltaine at the rollrights

Theres a great thrash of cloud
Its pink and its blue
A stillness apparent
I be clueless too
A true celebration
Of freshness ahead
The bunting the streamers
Have gone to my head
Clad in our multitude
Robed up and right
Chipping is ripping
In the bright light
The hawthorn’s sweet bouquet
It captures the soul
Its blossoms enchanting
Richer for the stroll

Its peaceful its beautiful
Hear the refrain
The circle the energy
So much to gain
Being out in the air
On this hill looking green
Inside the rollright stones
Part of the scene
With such jubilation
The aura’s around
A fanfare of beating hearts
On the soft ground
A day to remember
To honour and feel
With the flowers in our hearts
And the honest appeal

The return of the Spring
And the light of the day
The spangle the tinsel
Doth blow me away
With friends with the cotswold druids I be
From the top of the hill
So much more I can see
The ritual behold
We have pudding and fruit
A soft slug of mead
And a sweetness to boot
The lime and the olivine
Factors we see
At Rollright at Beltaine
Where I love to be

To be in the midst
Of history’s light
To share the togetherness
And to feel bright
The clarities calling
Apparent I see
A dusting of pollen
And a tireless bee
The moles have been making
Their world far below
Ancient and modern
The afternoons glow
We share the great circle
With blessings of old
And A coming together
Of silver and gold

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