36 Beagles saved

Unconquerable and unflagging
A stalwart rugged breed
Strapping and up for anything
Thats why they could succeed
A certain agri science corporation’s
Big idea
Was to feed these dogs with their fungicide
Adavelt that Clear
Ofcourse it could have harmed them
But the experiement to try
And if afterwards it made them sick
Then quietly they would die

One year 1 gelatine capsule
Thats four times a day
Force fed to the animals
In cages they would pay
Highly for the experiment
And be murdered in July
It was all about toxicity
They thought it worth a try
Kept them all in cages
But none of them knew why

With An inner strength
and purpose
They took it to them they
As part of an experiment
Seemed more worthy every day

The word got out and it was stopped
And the beagles taken away
Hopefully to be rehomed
Not be made to pay
The ultimate price of losing
Their precious life for good
A reward for such experiments
Which just would not be good

Despite that they still dragged their feet
And intervention came
Now they are safe I am glad to say
And May get to know their name
In a friendly family
Hopefully they might
Live their lives forgetting
The experimental blight

These agri science people
To them life doesnt mean
What it does to a beagle
There ideas are obscene
Its all about the product
And the future and the trade
And How much profit really
Is there to be made

And that counteracts the torture
The agony the pain
Whats a dogs life when you can see
The balance sheets insane
and the margin is ridiculous
And the fungicide will be.
killing weeds like crazy
For an eternity.

They are tactless and insensitive
Imperceptive and obtuse
They persecute snd victimize
For them any abuse
Is worthy of any experiment
Animals have no use
And if nobody knows about it
Then they have an excuse

CORTEVA AGRIsciences the new name
They use to be called

Was this chemical was horrible
And their decision wasnt sound

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