Ashridge draws its splendour
From the woodland
Where the mammals play
And foresters complain
The damage sometimes done to trees
By deer and also squirrels
Every day their plea’s

There is a healthy balance
We must take a broader view
Whatever animals do to trees
Its something that rings true
Every soul has got its place
Insectivores or not
The edible dormouse
The common shrews
Because there are a lot

Of tiny creatures everywhere
All breathing the same air
In every wood you csn feel their presence
And you know they care
Voles and mice
Woodlands really depend on them to be
Leaving all their dinner plates
For us all to see

Today the sun was high
A cold wind met my cheek
Solitude was everywhere
Hedgehogs maybe seek
An oak or two
Looking for a nice fat slug
To try
They show no
Why would they they sense
That pound for pound
Its clear

I would not ever harm them
They know this anyway
The carnivores might tread on mice
Or kill for the sake of killing
But i see wonder in everything
For everything is willing
To just be
Where it was put
Among last year rooting leaves
Look there theres a squirrel
Who innocently achieves

The obvious the dancing traits
He tolerates us all
The solitude of the afternoon
The Rabbit he is no fool
All out for a picnic
Harming no one they
Quietly come and show their faces
And then go on their way.

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