Will we all be rounded up (before you know it)

Science for a better life
For me thats hard to see
Its out there on their website
Bayers innovation
(monsatan)products too
The creeping hand of modern man
Who has the the gall to do
The really weirdest of things you know
Manipulations of the genes
The tinkering of the new age
Deduced from old machines

All intangible disclosures
Inanity we feel
Unrelated unabated
Arbitrary reveal
The disparate the intrusive
The truly misapplied
Perhaps creations started out
And then was just denied

The great masonic powerhouses
Of very long ago
Required a fixed margin
Of simply needing to know
How a smorgasbord of reckoning
On a peoples everywhere
Could be so reduced and denigrated
Even if aware

They need an inconstancy
An unpredicatability
A herbicide that all denied
Could ever really be applied
Essentially an amino strain
Glyphosate yes that again
Glycine building blocks protein
Safeguarding the great machine

Defoliants mans reckoning
To take on Nature’s urge
To provide the leafy canopies
And actually to purge
All of that light capture
To photosynthesize
And do it with a chemical cloud
Right before our eyes

In 1974 Monsanto
Introduced its threat
And the Shikimate highway
Clearly it was set
A task of overuling
The harmony of life
Brimming with creation
With a bellyful of strife

They havent really tested it
And with its monopoly
It fitted into the genocide debate
And crucially
It works under the radar
With a potency and force
A very disruptive vandal
Coming from its source

An agency for barrenness
Wastelands everywhere
A threat to pollination
Unprolific the despair
Withered shrivelled impotent
Treeless gaunt and bare
Dismantling and breaking down
Humans everywhere

Superweeds are prevalent
With arrogance on the rise
Coupled with the ignorance
That many cant surmise
Can even be a major cause
Of overwhelming pain
The massacre and mayhem
We see it all again

Illnesses are everywhere
Cancers on the rise
Despite the huge great charities
Still the great demise
Of thousands of our people
Numbers growing every year
And glyphosate is out there
Adding to the fear

Municipal authorities
Spray it on the street
It gets on shoe soles
And is taken home
And is transferred to one’s feet
In offices from farmyards
In gardens everywhere
Roundup is going great guns
And still few are aware

And then we hear
Of racehorses falling now like flies
Thin legged losing balance
And so few realise
Free electron transfer
From the earth is needed to
Maintain their equilibrium
And consistency all through.

Racehorses cost a fortune
Their pedigrees are such
Winners sell for astronomical
So so much!
And what now has been happening
On race tracks Everywhere
They are stumbling and falling
And creating much despair

And’ why is this happening?
Why are so many dying
Could it be the food they eat
Or is big pharma lying
What actually is happening
In feedstuff now on sale
A common denominator
And a likely tale

Is glyphosate the defoliant
The berbicide they use
Now we hear as a dessicant
And some seemingly refuse
To realise the reasoning
The amino acid cause
The body taking up glyphosate
For glycine’ let us pause

A while to realise this
Bayer monsanto creates this
Anomaly many years ago
And its is part of something
Called agenda twenty one
World depopulation
Underneath the sun

Its been happening with humans
But the connection no one made
Cancers have been rising
But science hadn’t laid
Any blame to speak of
Genetically it seems
Big pharma has such monstrous power
Basically it creams

Its profits off of everywhere
And mostly its the poor
Getting struck by lightening
The rich are not so sure
Horses on tHe others hand
Race horses ofcourse
They are owned by the very rich
It so costs to keep a horse

And horses live on oats and wheat
And legumes thats their way
And most are fed with foods
That had the great roundup spray
Added to its production
As a dessicant maybe
Or sprayed out of existence
In the field oh yes its key

Round up ready, everything
Soya corn and beet
And its all done before harvest
Shrinking crops complete
More room in the transport trucks
Cheaper transport they
Are creating big imbalances
More so now everyday

All treated in the silo’s
Weak legs and hooves we see
Not up to the gallop
They falter naturally
Racehorses are like children
3-4 years old
And sold before they have won a race
So the buyers get a cold

And it is more than fever pitch
Millions can be lost
And its the rich now losing out
As molecules are tossed
Into the fermentation process
Their guts inbalanced so
And one Sofia Smallstorm
Thinks she’s in the know

As is Dr Seneff a research scientist
Who believes
Glyphosate is killing us
And in horses it achieves
Imbalances in gut digestion
Weakening away
And causing falls and stumbles
And death along the way

“The canaries in the coal mine”
At forty miles an hour
Running like the clappers
Their protein imbalance how
They weaken and they falter
And they stumble and they fall
And are euthanazed and lost forever
Its happening to all

At Santa Anita Racecourse
Since December they have seen
21 horses have been killed
Really its obscene
It calculates at one a week
More than 500 a year
And these animals can cost millions
So there is a growing fear

And that is just one race track
There are many around the world
In England we have Newmarket
And again figures have hurled
Themselves into the melting pot
Last year many died and it could be down
To Glyphosate ruining their inside

Horses are unable to stand on three legs they
Develop Laminitis which is why they pay
Heavily why they are euthanazed
Infections are a pain
Some tracks are using synthetic tracks
More problems again
The free electron transfer
Is immobilised
By the silica and the rubber
And the wax which is despised

Its causes more imbalances to happen
And we see recycling of unnatural grass
The polybtrac can be
Also causataive of stress
For horses near and far
Synthetics and the glyphosate
Apparently now are

Causing all these problems
And the aristocracy
And the insurance companyies too
Are being hit for free
Horses electron deprived
And their olfactory
Senses being stressed out
By the vile smell constantly

So electron deprived and
The glyphosate so prevalent
Its treated as if its simply
And very healthy way
Of improvng growers profits
And that of Bayer too
When really it is toxic
And is harming people who

Are falling like the horses
nd you can buy it everywhere
Every garden centre sells it
Are you Round Up aware?
It works on weeds all over
And lazy gardeners know
Its best to kill weeds all stone dead
Than watch them grow and grow

The crops that are GM ofcourse
Are sprayed and sprayed and sprayed
With all manner of chemicals
Thats their stock in trade
They are round up ready
Glyphosate and more
It kills all the foreign weeds
But the crops well they just store

The imbalance in their systems
And pass it onto you
Or the racehorses that consume the oats
That is what they do
We all get that much weaker
Our pathways to disease
Grow and in the horses
How can all this please

The owners and the stables
And the insurance companies who
Are getting claims like crazy
And yes Maam what if you
This glyphosate is affecting
Every living soul
And its sold as being safe to use
When it is out of control

All of life is suffering
Biotech knows they
Are helping reduce populations
More and more each day
It always was an arrogance
And an ignorance as well
But the people remained daft as brushes
And paid to share the hell

Glycine is a building block
A protein we all need
Our bodies are a blind man
Who tragically does succeed
For the molecule is identical
Glyphosate and glycine
So we are weakening our systems
And ofcourse our protein

And with horses just imagine
At 40 miles per hour
Steaming down a racetrack
With all that massive power
Skinny legs
Proteins failing
Tendons bones and cartilage
No wonder joints are crumbling
And everything is failing

And just look at our children
Autism at a high
Orthopaedic injuries
Around they hit the sky
Our children they already have joint pain
And we know
Thoroughbreds in glue factories
And the numbers grow and grow

We have to wake up all of us
And see that glyphosate
Is being used now everywhere
And it may now be too late
But we have to go for banning it
For telling the world out there
ROUNDUP Is a toxic force
Causing vast despair.

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